Engineering precision meets tissue engineering

Bioreactor round

Nanokick bioreactor system

Our compact system delivers precise mechanical

stimulation to cells in culture via nanoscale

vibration (“nanokicking”). For some cell types this can

provide an alternative to chemical stimulation.


Osteoblast round

Clean osteoblasts

Nanokicking stimulates osteogenesis and mineralisation

in mesenchymal stem cells. This removes the need

for specialist media or growth factors. An

important consideration for therapeutic applications.




A platform technology


Academia round3


Reliable osteogenesis without growth factors

Suitable for 2D or 3D culture

Standard format culture plates – no complex perfusion

Reduce reagent costs – use standard media

Drug Discovery

Drug discovery

Scalable for high throughput supply

A clean testbed – free of osteogenic media

Potential to supply in custom formats/scaffolds

Scope for cell-based assays including mixed populations

Bone graft

Clinical bone graft

Shown to work in 3D collagen culture

Compatible with multiple scaffold/matrix materials

Scope for Autologous/Allogeneic stem cell use

Growth factor free – no need for bone morphogenetic proteins




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